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#27 | RENAULTsport Clio 182 Cup F1


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Hello all!


I purchased the Clio a few days ago and have been stalking the forum for a little while now to help make an informed purchase.


I'm now the forth owner with its Australian life beginning in Hobart. The initial owner had removed the stripe decal, 'SPORT' badge and replaced the Clio badge with the F1 plaque. I want to restore its appearance by getting my hands on a 'sport' badge, so, if anyone knows where or who might have one please let me know. I have the Clio badge but not sure if i should relocate the F1 plaque as it is quite fixed in position.


It's stock apart from a set of Eibach Sportline which were installed this week in-order for it to pass the Roadworthy—the owner decided to fit them for me rather than find some stock springs.


I'm going to keep it pretty stock, but some near future plans are:


- re-gas the air-conditioning. If anyone knows a decent place in Brisbane to have this done, please let me know.

- take it to Bayside Performance Services for a thorough inspection and line up a tune | remap(?). I started my mechanical apprenticeship here following high school.

- Look into purchasing some new shocks—the current, old, stock shocks don't feel great with the new springs.

- have the steering wheel re-trimmed. It's corroding around the right hand thumb grips, which seems like a common Clio problem.

- give it a good clean | details

- and enjoy the drive—love it so far!


Look forward to chatting with you all about Clio's soon!









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Welcome and congrats on the purchase.


Odd spot for it no doubt, but your troubles will be two-fold if you decide to remove the plaque:

1. that plaque is unique to your car - removing it may damage it and you won't be able to replace it

2. there are 2 holes behind it, where the "Clio" script would usually plug into.

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