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New to Megane 250


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I recently purchased a 2011 Megane 250 Cup Trophee.


This was a big change as I have been driving a turbo rear drive Japanese car (Nissan 200sx) for a long time.


I haven’t had the Megane long and it has been raining in Sydney since I purchase it so I haven’t had a chance to really test the car yet.


First impressions are good, I really like the way the car drives. It does not have the straight line acceleration of the Nissan but I am very impressed by the handling. Went for a bit of a run through the National Park and even though the road was wet I was surprised at how well this car grips.


Keen to test it on the track. Do any members go to Wakefield for track days? What sort of time can a standard car expect around Wakefield?


Only complaint so far is the stereo. Can’t believe that such a high spec car has such an ordinary sound system. Any suggestions?


Already thinking of some mods. I think exhaust and retune will be the first steps but would appreciate suggestions from the forum.

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Welcome mate!


As to your questions - yes, yes and yes. Have a look around the "Advanced driving & motorsport", "I.C.E" and "Megane III" sections for endless threads on mods, stereos and info on track days. There's a private, Renault only track day at Wakefield in mid-November.


As you're discovering, RS are all about corners so you'll be amazed how much grip you can generate your Meggy 8)

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Yes a number of us run in the CSCA super sprint series and there are a number of track days coming up (have a look in the Motorsport section) a Wakefield one is coming up in nov (?)


We had the nats at Wakefield last year and quite a number of meganes entered.


Sub 1.10 from memory..... Maybe a 1.08??


Maybe someone else can recall

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Sub 1.10 from memory..... Maybe a 1.08??


They were heavily modded!

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