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JCW to RS250


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Hello All,


Please to announce that i traded in my Mini R56 JCW for a Renault RS250. The original owners bought the RS250 just before the RS265 came out, and only put 10k on this, so almost like new with the new car smell. White body with black rims and tinted windows :D


The JCW handled very well, really hugged the corners though it still had some slight understeer when pushing hard into a corner. Torque steer was minimal on the JCW also (much better then a Mazda 3 MPS i test Drove).

Saying that, i have pushed the RS250 as hard into the same corner as the JCW and it just sticks, very impressed. Also torque steer is like missing on the RS250, awesome!

I am still coming to learn the RS though as its only been a week. The JCW seemed quicker, but thats because after 3 years i new the best way of getting optimal power out of the car, so looking forward to doing the same in the Rs250.


Looking forward to reading up what's on the forum, including a potential fastchip ECU remap once factory warranty runs out in a year.

Till then, fun driving ....

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Welcome Dan, whereabouts you from? Great car you've got there and I'm sure you'll have a blast finding the (your) limits driving the car.


Post some pics when you have time - sounds like a good colour combo you've got there. There's plenty of good gouge in this forum. I'm sure you'll find all the info you need...and more.

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