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Newbie Looking for a Shift to a RS


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Hi Everyone,

I've been scouring Renault forums for a little while now as I have been looking for a new car to replace my ageing Civic Ek4.

I've pretty much upgraded most of the civic suspension - Buddyclub N+ coilovers, new bushes, engine mounts, camber/caster kits, rear swaybar, light weight wheels and sticky tyres + type r recaros, which makes it an absolute ball to drive in the twisties and on the track but now a little tiresome day to day.


I've always had a soft spot for the Renaults as for me they are great little hot hatches that can handle. I've finally decided to upgrade the civic and want to jump into the RS realm of cars. I plan to keep the car for a long time.

I've only had the pleasure of driving the new Clio IV RS200 cup but i'm a big fan of the Clio III RS200. Something that rings true to my Honda.


I'm looking for some help from you good people to give me an idea of how the Renaults and how they are on a day to day basis.


I've get a budget of about 30K. Less the better. I've narrowed down my selection to an Clio IV RS200 EDC Cup, Clio III RS200 Cup, Ford Fiesta ST and possibly a Megane RS250 Cup.


Is anyone able to provide their thoughts on the cars above for use as a day to day drive, long drives and occasional track?

I do a little bit of camping as well so there are some roads that the car will see that are pretty bad ( I know that these are the cars you would typically do this with but I love going to the track so I make do :) ).


Things I would like to keep in mind are ease of serviceability, on-going maintenance, cost of on-going maintenance i.e. brake pads, discs, oil filters, spare parts etc. and above all ride quality.


Thanks for all your help :mrgreen:

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Please feel free to check out my car in the members' rides section.


It is a Clio 4 RS EDC Trophy.


Unfortunately for 30k you are unlikely to get a Clio 4 and definitely not a cup. Drive away pricing starts at around 32k for a base sport.


The Clio 4 is definitely a different animal to the Clio 3 with more accessible power. But as you are coming from an NA car it might suit you well and from a price point of view fits perfectly.


I love my car... the power, the launch control, the different personalities... It is a daily driver and does not grate on me at all in normal mode yet when I want to get colourful, sport and race are only a button push away.


The best car I have ever owned :)

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The serviceability factor depends on what part of the world you're in.


Out of them all, the Clio III RS is the most "resolved" of the RS models. The Megane III is spectacular at full tilt, but I don't think they shout "be a hooligan" like the Clio does.


I don't think I'd want to take it off-road camping, but the ride is OK if you don't mind a bit of stiffness. As you had an EK4 Civic, I think you'll be fine.


They come alive on the track. Then again, for $30K you could just about have a Clio III and a Clio II track car...

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Wow replies already. :)


I did really like the Clio IV Cup drive, but I did find myself continuously grabbing to shift with the gear lever rather than the paddles, but I guess that's just a habit which would change if I got the auto. The power on a day to day basis I could see being really handy i.e over taking, up hills especially coming from a 1.6l. So I guess going to a bigger capacity or turbo engine will feel significantly better in any case.


Wouldn't be going "off road" as such but maybe semi sealed roads or badly maintained sealed roads.


Tommo, could you expand on what you mean by "resolved"?


For the clio IV some demo models are getting close to the 30K mark and for the Clio III I've found a couple of 2012 demos lying around so essentially new which are sitting around 28-30K (is that too much?). i'm looking at newer low KMS cars that are still under warranty specifically from Renault dealers or dealers that can honour the Renault warranty at the moment. But if private sale bargain comes up I would entertain that.

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I might be a bit biased but if were you I'd take a look at Megane II R26's. There's seven on carsales right now.

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Hmm, at this point i'm looking at lower kms cars but I do like the gordini's especially the interiors look nicer than the standard Clio III's.


While the Megane R26s sparked my initial like for Renaults the new 250/265 shape is still my favourite at the moment. Also the R26 is a little too old for what i'm looking for.

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