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  1. Awesome, that's good news. Thanks for all your help!
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for clarifying. All makes sense now, which now jim60ts comment also makes sense now :). Are you able to see how much clearance there is between the wheel and your rear caliper by any chance? or confirm if the caliper has been grinded away? Walkie86, Thanks, yeah given that mark says he may have had his calipers grinded that is the the only unknown. I'll have to see if there is a wheel local to me to test fit. I figure the design of the spokes on the wheel look to be pretty flat so i was more concerned with guard clearance. Tha
  3. Hi Mark, Thanks for your reply. Good to see that someone else is also using these on their car. "From the car has stub axle spacers and with 205/50 they just fit inside the guards" Sorry, can you clarify, for a 205 tyre, you are running spacers for both the front and the rear? What depth are the spacers you are using? Do the wheels clear the rear caliper without the spacers? or because you are running stub axle spacers you can't answer that question? But essentially, even with spacers and a 205 tyre, for this wheel you have front and rear guard clearance?
  4. Jsr, I was looking at these https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/liverpool/wheels-tyres-rims/lenso-spec-v-15-inch-4x100-honda-mazda-toyota-nissan-mazda/1211224117 I know that the 172 is finicky with calipers clearances this comes down to how the rim is shaped I think the profile of this one is straight enough on the back that it should be fine for calipers but I'm not sure about the offset as a lot of recommendations I've seen seem to say no more than 35 or even 38.
  5. Hi everyone, Just wondering if a 15x7 32 offset would fit a 172? Stock car but maybe will be lowered in future with eibachs. I will be putting him front camber bolts. Scouring the forum and the net I've seen that most people say that 35 is pretty much the limit. Does anyone have any wheels that are 15x7 with offset at 32 or lower? Thanks for your help.
  6. Hmm, at this point i'm looking at lower kms cars but I do like the gordini's especially the interiors look nicer than the standard Clio III's. While the Megane R26s sparked my initial like for Renaults the new 250/265 shape is still my favourite at the moment. Also the R26 is a little too old for what i'm looking for.
  7. Wow replies already. I did really like the Clio IV Cup drive, but I did find myself continuously grabbing to shift with the gear lever rather than the paddles, but I guess that's just a habit which would change if I got the auto. The power on a day to day basis I could see being really handy i.e over taking, up hills especially coming from a 1.6l. So I guess going to a bigger capacity or turbo engine will feel significantly better in any case. Wouldn't be going "off road" as such but maybe semi sealed roads or badly maintained sealed roads. Tommo, could you expand on what you me
  8. Hi Everyone, I've been scouring Renault forums for a little while now as I have been looking for a new car to replace my ageing Civic Ek4. I've pretty much upgraded most of the civic suspension - Buddyclub N+ coilovers, new bushes, engine mounts, camber/caster kits, rear swaybar, light weight wheels and sticky tyres + type r recaros, which makes it an absolute ball to drive in the twisties and on the track but now a little tiresome day to day. I've always had a soft spot for the Renaults as for me they are great little hot hatches that can handle. I've finally decided to upgrade the ci
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