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Hi all :hyper:

just wanted to come in and say hi to fellow RS owners.


Picking up my GT 220 tomorrow. Would love to hear any suggestions, advice that you all might have for new owners. I went for the Star Black with Premium pack and have asked the dealer to put on the darkest legal tints. Should look hot.


Will post pics when I get the car :)

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Welcome Maz. Enjoy the car and the forum. We look forward to pics after you achieve your qualification time as a member.(I think it is 50 posts).

BTW. You can add your location in your user profile and avoid everyone asking where your from. :)

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Hi guys, picked up the car yesterday and started having fun since then. I've moved over from a rear drive coupe so this beast feels a lot different. One thing I've noticed is the traction control comes on often. Don't know if its necessary or precautionary as the car still feels planted. You certainly miss the legendary PerfoHub on this car. If the car had that then I reckon it could handle a lot more power but for now they have found the sweet spot.


The biggest disappointment for me is the sound system. The quality just isn't there. maybe its the big cabin. Anyone wants to share their Audio customization to get the best sound quality? Also, any way to have music info (album cover etc.) showing on the main screen when GPS not being used?


The all-black creates a certain road presence. Parked it on Toorak road and caught so many people giving it a second look. Car looks mean.

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