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Clio 182


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Bought my first Renault clio 182 a few weeks ago.

Second Renault , my first was a renault 5 TR 1.4 4 door when i was 18.

loving the RS so far and I've only been using to go to work , i got out for a quick blast up Aquna Bay the other day a was well impressed with its handling .


I would like to get out for some meets and a few track days and maybe a hill climb or two.


Hopefully going to take it to wakefeild park in july for one our driver training days and get out with an instructor .Maybe get him to drive it too so i can get time to chase…


I work at a Porsche specialist garage as a technician .


Check out our Facebook page and like it, i'm alway putting up pics of cars we are working on and our track days we hold, Not alway Porsches.


Things i want to do.

Lower it ?

Give it some neg

Sort out the sticky interior parts ( door handles ).

Remove rear wiper.

maybe replace steering wheel for a Nardi one.

Fit a few carbon bits

Fab up a intake system.

Put in on the Dyno at work and get some figures then tune it...

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It's silver and stock ..


I'll think I leave it to the Porsches to blow flames, they do a good job.


The mk 2 996 gt3 s are good but the 997 is nicer to drive.

You can pick up 996 cup cars for 55k + now

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