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Messages - PM limits and Folder limits


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I find it limiting (sorry for the pun) that there is a limit of 150 PM's in the Inbox. To get around this I have added extra folders and have been moving messages from the inbox into other folders. However, I have now hit the limit for the number of folders which seems to be 4 additional folders. So essentially there is a limit of 750 messages in 5 folders including the inbox. I've only been on the forum for less than 3 years, how do the long term members manage this?


Now we are talking PMs here which are typically pretty short text messages which would take up very little database space so I'm not sure why the limits are so small in this age of electronic communication. This may not affect all forum members but I tend to be quite active on PMs and have organised some pretty large events and I like to keep track of my messages. I also have lots of PMs with people on technical topics and social topics which would be great to archive to recall later.


Some might think I'm a bit of a hoarder as I have 45,083 emails in my work inbox eve though I do an annual clean up of unnecessary emails. I don't intend to have 45,000 PMs in by OZRS inbox, but I would like to have folders with say 500-1000 PM limit and the ability have at least a couple of dozen folders so I can file stuff.


Is that possible?

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done, 500 is the limit now. The admins have had a 500 limit for a few years now!


Cheers, that's what I call response time :D


How about the number of folders?

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I've upped the number of folders as well.



Thanks, I'll make it my aim to find out how many, but I'll leave it until I exceed 2500 messages LOL


Thanks again, it just made my life easier.

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