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cards, the stories so far

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I'm happy to report all non NSW comrades have either gotten their cards, or they are on the way. So by week's end all those not in NSW should have the cards in their hands.


For the guys in NSW, and wish to pick up from my work that's fine. I'm here today, and on friday. I am also in the city at Kinokuniya book shop, galleries victoria tomorrow afternoon/eve so you can go there as well, but you must let me know before 6pm today so I can bring some cards home!


It's going great, there were a total of 6 boxes of cards, when this is over 5 of those would have been gone (including my share).


Anyone new here and wish to spread the good word, or simply look cool because you have a club card let me know!

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i just that second picked mine up from out letterbox - i like the packaging :)


thanks for doing all the work. cards look great..


i have a tactic worked out... i am keeping some in my girlfriends car as i always seem to see more clio's when i am in her car. this way i will never be cardless. the wallet will also house a few


*runs out the door looking for any RS*

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Karlos, I can come and meet you saturday morning??


To pick up my 100?? Then straight to the 3 RSC's sitting waiting in edgecliff...




Is sat morning ok?? Or thurs night in the city?

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City thursday eve would be great, do you know where Kinokuniya is? I'll bring 100 home tonight for ya Paul. Or I'll leave 100 packe dint ehs hop, and you can come in saturday to pick those up. But I won't be there.


Friday is cool in my shop mate!

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Guys & Gals,


I'm leaving a card in the bottom corner of my windscreen so that you don't have to waste a card on me if you see my car parked somewhere!


Also, there's a mini shelf on the right of the steering column, perfectly sized for business cards! Best bit is that 6 of them don't even budge on a quick take-off at the lights, nor do they fall out on a steep incline :D


Cheers, Dish.

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I received my batch of cards last night, boy do they look great!!! :P


I've already stashed a few in my wallet, plus another few in the glove compartment card-holder...Now all I have to do is start trying to find all those QLD RS owners :P


may the force be with you.

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