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Proud 265 owner!


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Hi all!


I have to admit straight up - I was a previous member, but had issues with my account/email, so found it simpler to just create a new account!


I currently drive a roughly 5 month old RS265 Trophy in capsicum red; 10,000km on the clock. Only changes I've made is de-foaming the air box, K&N filter, and decked it out with all Alpine ICE (my old thread is in the ICE section on this!). I think the next step will be removing the middle silencer and fitting an injen CAI. I can't do too much to the car, as it's a novated lease!


I've already had the pleasure of 3 full-tilt runs down the Great Ocean Road, and a spirited run through the Great Alpine Road and Snowy Mountains region. I am simply blown away by this car - to be set-up this well from the factory, at this price, is phenomenal. I have a trip booked in January (with a mate who drives a stage 1 tuned Mk5 Golf GTI) down to Tasmania (taking both cars), for a 6 day circuit - following a lot of the targa roads. Can't wait!!


Anyway, I live in regional Victoria (Goldfields) and would be very keen to catch up with anyone in this district :D


Looking forward to getting amongst it!



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Hey Doug,


The admins can sort out your account issue if you'd prefer to use your original account.


Tassie is amazing - have you been before? Following the Targa routes is a great idea. We did it back in May 2011 and had an absolute blast.


Enjoy 8)

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This is what we managed to do in 5 days.




If you follow the destination markers, we stayed at Devonport for 2 nights, Tarraleah for 2 nights and then Hobart for one night, then drove the long way to Devonport via Strahan and Burnie 8)


Great times

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Here's our route (excuse the long link) http://goo.gl/maps/NCkEX


Ahhhhh please please please go to Strahan - the run from Strahan to Queenstown is un-friggin-believable! My favourite of the whole trip.


I'd also suggest peeling off west at Waratah for a run down Waratah Rd on the Savage River run - it's 30-40mins each way and is just epic.


Also, is that the whole distance you're covering in 6 days? I take it you're site-seeing etc when you're there? We pretty much just drove the whole time... 3000km in 5 days!

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