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First time Renault owner!


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Hey there, another newbie to the Renault world. I just bought my first Renault last Sunday.... late 2008 Megane Sport (Sport Cup?) 5 door manual in dark silver. Absolutely love it already, what a pleasure to drive, luxurious interior (compared to my previous car, GTR R32) and so solid on the road!

My partner picked it up for me on Monday and I couldn't wait to get home to have my first proper drive. Luckily, I had to go to Sydney for the afternoon on Thursday so I got to have a bit of a run along the expressway and then through city traffic.

Can't wait to give it a proper full detail inside and out tomorrow....yes, a bit ocd as it's already very clean and then get out on the road for some more driving! :D Cheers

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Great car. Feel free to throw some pics up when the detail is done!

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So, finally got the car put back together after a first detail......scuttle holes under bonnet were full of dead leaves and the mucho water backed up and ran into the car through the air con vents....who knew that would happen!

Second detailing attempt will be hopefully this weekend as I've only just gotten it dried out and it was a big job to pull out and put back in all the foam, carpet and seats :( then I'll get some shots :)

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Nice work, Hoopa!


The drains blocking is actually very common and if left unattended can lead to corrosion in areas you don't really want corrosion in...

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