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New rs265cup+


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Hey everyone

Just recently picked up a brand new rs265 cup+ edition couple days ago. Absolutely loving the car.

Have actually been following the forums for a few weeks now as previously waiting for car delivery. Its been only 3 day so far and I feel I'm liking it more than my 370z as I've been driving my z for about 3 years. It didn't come with xenon's so gonna get the hid kit installed in couple days and also tint the car. Is there anything anyone recommends me doing? I'm still totally clueless as what to do in regards to the audio.. The base is all distorted/screwed up at 20+ and when demo without arkamys the base was OK. Need advice whether if just doing speakers/sub's/amps will help a lot or should I change HU? Coming from the z the Bose system was great. Honestly don't need it as loud as the z when the bass shakes the whole car but just want louder and clear audio around up to 25(Bluetooth steaming) willing to spend up to $1k-$2k


Cheers everyone


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Stereo is a bit sh*t in them.. well its a lot sh*t TBH, especially for a modern car.


There are a few threads hear about upgrades ranging from a simple powered sup to full on installs, just have a dig around.


Enjoy the new car :D

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Welcome mate and congrats on the new Meg 8)


Check the ICE section for some Megane audio threads - plenty have updated their systems at various price ranges.

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Congrats mate, I picked up a 265 cup + a few days ago as well and I'm loving it. Like you, I'm interested in upgrading the headlights, where are you getting the HID kit from?


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Im getting a frd to do it at a good price. he kinda has this mechanic shop where he works at..sth like that lol... he gonna do the tints and HID for me. i told him abt the phillips kit and he says he has this brand venture or sth like that which he says its a USA brand

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do you retain all the other stuff?? sport monitor controls? control music/calls from the wheel stalk? etc? besides the look is there any losses/disadvantages in getting the aftermarket HU than stock hu? im just worried ill lose some features or functions


You do retain the RS monitor controls through the stalk. You can retain volume control if you purchase the wiring harness for the correct brand. Only major thing you will lose is the display of radio channels on the screen. It will just show permanently "Renault Sport" if RS monitor isn't being used.

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