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Trial and error topic!


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Ok i am new on the forum :)

I had a couple of go's with posting a pic! Heaps of errors showed up, so i just contineud with trying to get the pic on it! I finally worked it out and saw that i posted in the topic garage about 20 times! 19 without pic and 1 with :P

Maybe a good idea to make an Trial and error topic :wink:


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Hey Dutchie,


At the top of the forum home page is the section called F.A.Q. which has answers to common questions, like how to post pics.


Just underneath that is Website Feedback, where people can make suggestions about the forum layout, structure etc.


As to your question, I'm not sure I understand what you mean by 'Trial and Error Topic'. Could you please elaborate?



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Hi Alex

Test topic was probably a better name. A topic were people can try posting pics or messages without posting heaps of posts that are wrong because they still finding there way on the forum. Thats including me as a new bee! Makes life eassier for the mods and eassier for the new bees without thinking and stressing if they do it ok:-)


Cheers Sander

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