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cards are here!!!

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Good news everyone!


The cards have finalyl arrvied, picked up personally this morning hot of the press! All 2000 of them! Those who hasn't paid, please do so now. those who has paid and haven't given me their address (actually just Dish) give it to me now!


http://www.texen.com.au/karl/orders.html those marked with an R are payment recieved, thsoe with RS (hehe) are sent already, those with nothing pay the soonest. Ringo, you can hand over that 40. ummm yea, oh if any mistakes please tell me its been a bit of work tracking everyone.


For the guys and Gal, in NSW you can come to wher ei work to pick them up.


Texen Computer Services

66 Blaxland Rd



we're on the section of blaxland in between Victoria, and Lancove roads.


the cards are awesome!

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where do you hang out on weekends?? that may be easier for me, as I work at the other end of the earth to ryde (taren point)



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Thanks for sending the cards to me Karlos :wink:


I was pretty anxious about the results I must admit, but now having them in my hot little hands, I am much relieved. They've come up really well, with the exception of the colour which is a little too orange than envisioned. Must be something to do with the conversion from RGB to CMYK prior to going to the printer, something that Ringo advised me about. But that's just digressing...


They feel good too with the cellosheen finish on both sides - just have to find a decent pen to write with - and some cars to card! :D


PS: Karlos, I'll get those pics out to you soon, sorry, been flat chat :(

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glad to be of service mate, a good ball point pen works. My guy said its just matt but it feels teh same as my own business card which is meant to be celloglazed... oh well doesn';t matter i like the feel of it too and i was surprised to find they were liek thick cardboards and not flimsy little pieces of paper!

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I thought that there was something odd about the cards when I first looked at them... and then it finally dawned on me: they have been printed/guillotined to the "standard" 90x55mm size. But I had designed it as 90x50mm, to give it that slightly sleeker look. The negative spaces are a little "off" as a result, both front and reverse.


Oh well. :roll:


Will have to make this clear to the printers for the next batch :wink: and also for the RCCA's cards which are next on my agenda.

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umm does that have to do with cut size? Beucase i think this is the only size they make... hence the image was adjusted to fit... and also bleed... i sound like I know what I am talking about??? hahaha really i have no clue at all! I am as blonde as Ringo on this one...

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