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New member here in the hunter valley


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Hi all just joined

Im at Broke in the Hunter Valley Nightingale wines

Just bought a Scenic as my Ks car.


Looking for a set of alloys.

195 6 15

Can anyone tell what the offset for the alloys is on the scenic expression.

And do any of the Clio models have the same alloy wheels as the scenic

Regards don :shock:

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Welcome Don.


You're Gail Force Port is outstanding 8)


Not sure on the offset of your wheels, but if you pull one off it'll be stamped on the back.


What size (diameter) wheels are you after?

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Will see what I can find out.


I have a set of 15x7 Clio 172 wheels with tyres if you're interested. The Clios are 4x100 and ET 48.5.

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RS Clio wheels are wider, but share the same stud pattern as the ph1 scenic. The scenic wheels fit ok on an RS Clio and R19, so you should be able to find a decent set that look good.

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I think D@ve has some for sale in the for sale section off a scenic!




I'm in Muswellbrook, do you do a ballsy shiraz? I'm going to Hunter Viking to get my car serviced tomorrow, maybe I can drop by on the way through...

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