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Engine Warning Display Megane R26


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Hi to all Megane Sport Owners/Fans.

I have had my R26 since July 2007. It is registered F1R26 and I love it.

Over the past few months I am experiencing a recurring problem - firstly there is a slight engine miss on No4 cylinder,the Engine Warning sometimes comes on Display, flashes for approx 10 secs and goes away, all is well. At other times the Engine Warning comes on Display for approx 10 secs this is then accompanyed by the Traction Control Warning being displayed also then being accompanyed by the Red Spanner warning. At this time the engine is missing very badly. I stop the Engine - restart - all warnings are off and the engine seems fine. All this happens with the car being driven normally, it has 82,000km on the clock. At 60,000km a Major Service was carried out all oils, filters, Spark Plugs replaced, Coils replaced and Fuel Injectors tested cleaned and refitted. More recently the computer diagnosis indicated that the Lambda Sensor was faulty - this was replaced with no change to the situation.

Any thoughts??

By the way all works have been carried out at Caulfield Jag Service which happens to be my show so I do know that all the above works have been carried out. Maybe it is time for me to send her off to a recognised, competent Renault Workshop - any recommendations.

I apologise for length of this piece but I think it's necessary to give the full picture.

Cheers, Graeme H.

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