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182 vs 182 Cup?


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Hi guys,


I am in the market for a 172 or 182 (Although a mate is selling a clean RSM225 Cup soon and I might just *have* to buy that instead).


I just have one question that is bugging me about buying the 182. IIRC, the 182 was available as a standard Sport model OR the 182 Cup which for a couple of grand extra had stiffer suspension and a few other tweaks.


Whenever I look on carsales and the like, I can't seem to find a single RSC 182 non-cup. I find it hard to believe that no one EVER bought the standard model and that every model is the Cup. Is this because sellers are trying to pretend their models are the more expensive cup version, because carsales doesnt differentiate or because I am making up this non-existent, non-cup RSC 182 model?



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182 Cups are more popular but there are a fair few standard 182s around. Carsales certainly differentiates, it's just that there aren't any non-Cups up for sale or people are telling fibs.


Cheers Exar. I thought I was going mad.


I have prob seen 15-20+ 182 Cups for sale on Carsales over the last few months and I can't remember ever seeing a standard 182. I figured cups might be more popular, but seeing absolutely ZERO standard models seems a bit bizarre!

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Thanks for the answers guys/gals.


One other thing, I can't see most of the pics posted on threads. I assume this is coz I am somewhat of a noob on here. What does it take to get proper access? Or am I taking care of that by increasing my post count with annoying questions?

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