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Interested in custom made Ozrenaultsport polo shirts?


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Hi all,


I have a close friend who is able to supply and embroider polo shirts for me. I wanted to make our own custom polo shirts so we can wear on our drives or around just to market our Renault cars..


At this stage, I have a few ideas:


* Polo shirts will look like this:



* On one side we can have the Renault Logo, on the other side we can have the Renault Sport Logo..

* On the back of our shirts we can have www.ozrenaultsport.com embroidered near the collar of the shirt


* To further customise the shirt, we can have our car model embroidered onto the sleeve


Costing for these shirts will depend on the amount of interested buyers.. expect it to be around $30.. as this is a small order and a customised one, if we can get more we might be able to ask for less!


For the time being, i'll ask for everyone's expression of interest.. if your in Sydney you can pick it up from my from Ultimo, otherwise I am willing to mail it out to everyone else in Australia...


I'll edit this post as soon as I have more info on this...


EDIT - These shirts are made by Johnny Bobbin, makers of shirts for corporate companys. http://www.johnnybobbin.com/product_ite ... temID=690#


There are two more colors we can choose from:


All sizes from S to 3XL are available...



EDIT 2 - More styles added







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I'm interested. Sounds good.


OZRenaultsport.com should be the most prominent thing. At the end of the day that is what we

want to promote.


we'll probably never get a consensus on style, colour, design etc etc.


best idea is to put up a couple of designs and then have a POLL.

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I agree with ozrenaultsport being te most prominent thing, maybe silver writing across the back and or front? I'd lke my shirt to match my car so I'd go for the bright blue ckosest to the artic blue...


dont know bout the renault insignia.. we might need permission for that... but shoul;dnt be too hard to get.. alrhough they might ask for royalties!

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hey mate ... see my post from Nov last year


http://www.ozrenaultsport.com/forum/vie ... php?t=1649


This got moved to the website feedback area an it stoped there.


I am having some done for me by my local company, cause i did not want to wait for ever.


If you get some, count me in ...just as long as they come in large sizes :wink:

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The admins were speaking of the shirt idea late last year but decided to leave it till this year to discuss. I'll see what we can come up with but in the mean time a poll would be good to guage interest and see who likes what colours and designs.


I think it would be best to promote the Renault diamond and the OzRenaultSport.com text somewhere perhaps on the back.


Royalties shouldn't be a problem because so far we've done cards and stickers which all feature the Renault name and logo, it's promoting the brand not slandering it so I can't see Renault having a problem with it.

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