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  1. I got a new PC at work and when I tried to get on to this site obviously I had to login. I thought I used the correct password, but it wasn't. Then I went through the reactivation of password process which I believe reactivates the old password, but doesn't tell you what it is. I was just trying to reset my password, but it asks you for your old password which I don't know or was it that barely readable scribble that you have to type in at the end of the process you know like when you're getting an online quote for something and you have to type in that randomly generated sequence of let
  2. that's life.........things change!!!
  3. EJ

    Private Messages

    if I've sent a PM and it says it was sent, but 2 days later it is still sitting in the OUTBOX and doesn't appear in the SENT MESSAGES folder, has it gone??? And why is it still sitting in my OUTBOX? Vukie if you're reading this, I did reply to your last PM.........did you get it?
  4. is it possible to go back to the old setup, where when you log in to the site it gives you a little dialogue box telling you you have a PM? the way it is now, unless you look at the user control panel, it is easy to not know that a message has been sent to you. don't rely on an email being sent to you.
  5. looks good! but we don't want them looking similar to the Renault Car Club colours. Renault F1 colours are too gawdy IMO. That blue and yellow........eeek!! dark is the way to go.............it's slimming!!!!!
  6. EJ


    welcome aboard. your English is fine. It's better than most people from here! I see you removed the orginal steering wheel (from the other pics) on your Cup. No airbag. The laws must be more relaxed in Italy. Your first Clio looks great. I remember the first time I saw a Clio Williams back in 1995 in Trieste and thought.....wow!!!!
  7. I'm interested. Sounds good. OZRenaultsport.com should be the most prominent thing. At the end of the day that is what we want to promote. we'll probably never get a consensus on style, colour, design etc etc. best idea is to put up a couple of designs and then have a POLL.
  8. I'm interested. why don't we go up-market and get a nice silk smoking jacket. you know, for when you're entertaining or just lazing about the estate!!! you don't have to smoke.
  9. the clock on this forum hasn't been set to daylight savings time. still 1 hour behind.
  10. I see you had a question mark against your '93 Bluebird, why? they were a good car. The Jap version Atessa version was even better. anyway you've got a Renault now. hope you come to love their quirks as much as we do!!
  11. I'd have gone insane by now without the stereo!
  12. EJ

    Window tinting opinions

    20% is a nice shade. I use to get it on my cars prior to it becoming illegal! not too dark, not too light. 35% on my RSC is too light.
  13. EJ

    Window tinting opinions

    darker than 35% is legal if you own a commercial vehicle such as a ute, van or possibly even station wagon. and yeah at the end of the day, you get busted, your problem, not the tinter!
  14. EJ

    Window tinting opinions

    20% isn't legal. that leads me to raise the question. Do they still enforce that. I'd really like 20% all round.
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