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On the Market - Clio 197


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Hi All,


Looking for advice & any help on buying a 197...


After my first introduction to the RS family driving my cousin's 172 Cup, I have been hooked by the Clio's and after research, testing and seeing a few in the flesh, I've made the decision the 197 is the car for me. To be honest its become a bit of an obsession. I am in NSW and in no rush as my current car is serving me well however I am serious about purchasing in the next 6-9 months


I am sure there are a trillion threads on this so even appreciate links to existing threads... appreciate any help.



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Welcome, SM.


I moved this new topic to the newbie section for you.


Good luck with your search, there are plenty of 197s for sale at the moment - the most I've ever seen, in fact - and a few bargain R27s around!


I just sold my 197 so know that they're a truly awesome car.

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Lol ... Don't know how you exercise such restraint ... 6-9 months! :shock:


All the best in the search.


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I know right! Give it a month or two and you'll have one. The temptation will become too much :twisted:


Yeah, they could all dry up ... you don't want to miss out now. :hyper:

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I couldn't resist either.. Less than a week and I bought one. Yes values have dropped alot and 197s represent very very good bang for bucks.



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