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Hi All,


I was recently directed here by a fellow Renault Megane RS owner as I am looking to sell my car. Have read over the rules on the site and thought I would use my introductory time for good use. Does anyone have suggestions on what information works well in a classified? Obviously I have the standard info ready to go, but are there any other specific tidbits you guys would like to know given the high level of knowledge everyone seems to have when posting?



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Hey Alex,


Thankyou for the welcome. I am selling a 2005 Megane Sport but am not 100% sure if its the cup version or not. The paperwork for the car says it is a MEGANERS20M but googling that seems to show nothing. It does have 18 inch charcoal rims on the wheels though which seems to indicate its the Cup edition. I dont suppose you know how I can confirm that on the car itself? I cant seem to find the metallic plate in the bonnet anywhere.

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what about then you bought the car? how was it identified to you? you must have known what you bought?


If you really need just ring renault and give them your VIN number.

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Thanks everyone,


I actually bought this car from my father and he doesnt remember from 2005 (going senile??) and it just didnt seem to be printed on any label in the car at all. I have measured the wheels which are 18" rims, seen that it has Brembro brakes on the front and found a few similar ones online which all seem to indicate its the Cup edition.


It actually looks quite like your avatar pic there Pricey :)

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