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Buying a 172


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Posted this before however it filtered through the newbie section- bit confused where it goes haha.

here goes :


G'day guys, my name is Stephen.

Very excited to announce I should be picking up my new clio sport over the weekend

Heaps excited as my previous car was a Starlet and I've been a fan of the unsung Clio for a while.

A few quick questions, if you guys could give me your advice with scaring me off the car too much, that would be great haha!


1. I live in Sydney, before I pay for the car, do you recommend any mechanics who could do a quick run down of the car before I pay for it- just to make sure it's ok?

2. I'm paying around $4,600, the car has a bit of exterior damage, but according to the owner the engine is fine- he spent a couple of grand 2 years ago giving it a major service on all radiators, clutch, gear and brakes. I doubl checked with the mechanic and his database, he said that car does not need another major service for another 10,000 kays.

3. The car has around 79,000 Kay's on it, still fairly young- since the service it's only had 10,000 Kay's driven on it; I've been told at 100,000 Kay's or the 6 year mark the cam(?) belt needs a change or the whole car is basically f**ked. Can it wait the 100,000, I don't think it's been changed before- I should I get that fixed ASAP?


I hope all goes well and I get the car, in saying that I hope I'm

An active member of this forum as a result, and yes, before people hammer my username, I

Am a Liverpool fan


Any help would be greatly appreciated

Cheers guys



Also, I'm a newbie in the Renault world, hope you guys are lenient haha

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Welcome - yes, you would want to do the belts immediately as the car is presumably over the 5/6 year mark being a 172.


Which mechanic did the big service?

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