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Ipod on stock head unit


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Hi all,

Hope this is the right section to ask this...so here it goes.


Is there anyway that I can use the stock head unit to connect an ipod/iphone to it? Not concerned about not being able to control the ipod/iphone from the head unit.

I've had a look on the net and on ebay, but unsure what to do really. All my other cars have had aftermarket head units so they are already set up for a 3.5mm cable or ipod cable.






P.S. Sorry for my noob-ness on this, still working out these cool little cars

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Ok, I've looked into the Connects2 adapters and I'm pretty sure I'm going to get one, but I have a few questions...

1) when i connect it up, do I still select the songs on the ipod through the ipod itself or is it able to be used through the head unit? ie, can i use the steering wheel controls to skip songs etc?

2) Do i still need to use a 3.5mm plug to get sound, or is it transmitted through the usb/ipod cable?



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