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Newbie brisvegas 05 225 sport


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Hey guys,


Looking at a 2005 (build 11/04) megane sport.


Has 59k on clock and has been serviced reg. It is in very good condition and dark blue in color.


Part leather interior, 17 inch rims but no sunroof.


What do I need to know about this model?


The timing belt hasn't been changed yet, when should it be changed?


What other things should I be looking out for at 60ks?



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At 60km you should be looking at brake rotors and pads if they haven't been done.


Cam belt is something I would do on a 7 year old car but generally they are meant to be done closer to 100k.


Welcome and good luck finding a car.

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The windscreen washer bottle can grow algae... this clogs the washer nozzles. Try unplugging the hose from them and blowing them out backwards with some compressed air (even a bike pump would do)..

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Hi JJ.

Welcome aboard and hope it brings you years of motoring joy.

As above, try unclogging the nozzles. Remove hose underneath from nozzles and check water pumping out...ie: water pressure. Hopefully it's the easy fix, but always a chance it may be the washer motor. They go more frequently on a Clio, but check it anyways.

Belts: Renault International stand is "4 years...100km...and advise the kit be done in full. Servicing RS models well is KEY to their longevity. 7 years is too long and risky.

Happy to source you parts, but find a good mechanic none the less.



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