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Hello! In the market for clio 172


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Hey guys,


I currently drive a honda integra but am looking for a 2nd car to learn manual in. Only one in my price range (<7k) would be the clio sport 172 i believe it is. The one with 124kW and weighs around 1tonne. There's not many around for sale but will keep my eyes open :D looking forward to learning about these cars. i'm a DIY junkie and i have a hatred for mechanics and workshops as they always seem to be ripping every person that walks in a new one.



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Howdy CB.

Always have a look in the for sale section for any 172s ...a few have just been and gone.

Having owned 3, they're very hard to beat in value.

As for DIY, you should few problems as supplying the parts is what i do. So DIY to your hearts content.

Be aware though, some specialty tools are required.

All the best and happy hunting.



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Your probably wrong, the guy who bought mine was around 19 he came with his mate who was around 21 in a rs172 and his mate who also was with him had one!!


But just because younger people get them doesnt mean they will be any more thrashed than the older guys ones.

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Thanks mate. Am i right in assuming that 'most' 172s are owned by mature people and have not been thrashed? Since i'm always browsing the jap make forums (obv since i own a honda) and they're all P plater hoony type drivers. Very hard to find a clean, well cared for car on those sites.


I'm 40, have owned my 172 since new and have never thrashed it.

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Depends what you mean by thrashed. Mine's carefully serviced, always warmed up fully at under 3000 rpm, and I don't think I've ever hit the limiter. But it goes damn close on a daily basis and there's one corner on the way to work that makes the back jump out a foot or so 8)

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Welcome Charlie!


I know what you're trying to ask but don't worry, the majority of RSs, particularly forum member-owned, enthusiast cars will have above average mechanical and aesthetic care taken with them.


Besides, everyone knows that the RS engines are happier and healthier when they get used properly. The rev limiter is there for a reason :wink:

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