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Hi to all in Tassie


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Hi to all


First post on this forum after joining some time ago. I brought my black 172 way back in 2004 in standard trim with 45,000km on the clock. After reading about these cars in a motor mag in the early 2000s I had to have one. So when one poped up in the local paper all those years ago I jumped at it. After the old dude who owned the car took me for a spin I was hooked. I couldn't believe the performance. So after all these years owning the car and just completing it's 180,000km service I couldn't be happier. After a few supersprints around the local racetrack and plenty of hard driving around tas the car hasn't missed a beat. it's gone through heaps of tires (i have lost count) but mechanically it's been quite good. New shocks, 3 burnt out centre mufflers, thumb grips falling off the steering wheels but really nothing else. Anyhow hi to all the renaultsport fans out there and if any of you want to know some of the best driving roads down here in tassie let me know I can recommend a few.



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Welcome Wheeler!


After spending a week in Tassie back in May, I know all about the magical roads down there. Any photos you have of your Clio on said roads would be appreciated!



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Howdy Wheeler,

As above...pics would be good. Some of those fabulous roads would make for a good pic too.

Let me know if you're all sorted or still chasing around for parts.

Happy to help.



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Good to hear of another clio in Tassie. Not many of us, especially cliosport with no dealers in the state they are a rare sighting. Wheeler's car history reflects my experience so far. Over 100,000 kms, only issues being replaced waterpump and belts, one rotor change all round, and the air con packing up some time ago. Obviously drive a lot more sedately as I am only half way through its 2nd set of tyres. Best road driven in Tassie so far - Lyell Highway between Strachan and Queenstown.

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Best road driven in Tassie so far - Lyell Highway between Strachan and Queenstown.


+1 !!!! We did it twice in a week back in May and we're STILL talking about it. Amazing!

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