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Noob - Clio Sport 172


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Hello All!


Just bought a black Clio Sport 2002 model with 133000kms. Originally I was looking for any old cheap hatchback and forgot that these things existed! First week has been fantastic (except for a misfire issue early on, see below), and am so much happier than I would have been in a pulsar or something else horrible. It's not in great condition, however I'm going to give it a bit of love and fix up the paint missing from wheels, hazed up headlamps etc.


Before I bought it I took it on two test drives and everything was fine. The initial inspection it had a fair bit of oil around the filter however they had that fixed up and no leaks, and the engine was cleaned up to. 400m after driving out of his driveway, it starts misfiring and I thought I was up for ignition leads, coil and plugs. In the end, it was just moisture in the spark plug wells, meaning it shorted through the engine and didn't create a spark. A bit of evaporation, water dispersant and new plugs and she's all good again.


Two things I want to ask about. Firstly, what is the frustrating buzz coming from the overhead lamps in the cabin? I've taken the culprit out so I want to know the impact that will have (and for the life of me can't figure out what it may have been for).


Secondly, do you have any drive days, cruises? Im in Mernda (north of melbourne) and would be keen to go for a spin.


Cheers guys.

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The fan is to drive air through the cabin temperature sensor, so your climate control works properly :wink:


If you unplug it completely, you'll get less-than-perfect modulation of hot & cold air...



You missed our most recent drive by a week or two, but I'm sure there will be another soon.


Welcome, and some photos would be appreciated 8)

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Thanks for the link to that post. Of the issues I wanted to find that is the only one I couldn't. Stupid buzzy thing, i'll get on to that tomorrow.


No photos at the moment, but I will take some after I give it a good wash.


I'll keep an eye out for the next drive, very keen for it. I suspect it will be a little more enjoyable than the recent XR6T cruise I went on which had 100 cars! I like exclusivity.

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...Secondly, do you have any drive days, cruises? Im in Mernda (north of melbourne) and would be keen to go for a spin.


Check out the Social Events in the main Forum Menu to see whether there are any Mebourne based drives you are interested in.


Great to have you onboard and Welcome.

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Hi BW1,

Welcome aboard and hope you're able to get her to a "happy you have her" stage with no issues (or...not many).

Enjoy your travels around the forum, and feel free to shoot me an email if you need a quote for any OEM parts and more.



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Thanks Wolf will do. Might have to look into one of those splitters I see poking around the forum, even though they're from a Skoda!


I'm already at a stage where I am "happy to have her", and i have a nice TO DO list to bring her up to where she should be.


Fixed the buzz thing thankfully. Figured out it wasn't the fan directly causing the buzz, but the imbalance of the fan when mounted causing the plastic trim to vibrate (and hence buzz). So you could either put some tape or foam around the mount, or just leave the fan out like i did.

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