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Back to a Clio - Pic Added


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Welcome Steve! So you had a ph1 172?! How does the 200 compare to it?


Pics when you can! Keep your eye on the social section too 8)

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Heheh...so much for not modding.

Anyways, welcome - back... and pics when you get it.

All the best, send me an email if you want assistance with obtaining parts.



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Thanks Adrian


Forgot to mention the Forester was an auto too...although she did have 160kw at the wheels.


Glad to be getting back in a manual.


Will probably look at some slotted front rotors, pads and brake fluid...need to find out about bracing too, front and rear strut and swaybars.


Welcome Steve, the Clio 200 is the only car I've owned out of many and haven't felt any desire to mod it. Do you really think the 200 require aftermarket swaybars?

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I never modded my 172 and probably won't touch the 200 until I've driven it a good bit. If I was looking at handling mods it would be braces and swaybars but the package as it comes and my recent test she will stay stock for now. I love the firmness of the car and after the starting point with a Forester you learn the thicker the better with swaybars.


Will post pics ad soon as I have the car...

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