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renault clio 172


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Hi im new to the website, i have a clio 172 and on my red ps, when my friends look at it they r what is that and laugh lol, but after my first race against a intergra type r dc2 they think of it differently haha;) and ever since then i fell inlove with it, anyways im looking in purchasing rims ive been looking at pro race1.2 rims but not sure what size im conteplating on 16s or 17s, i wont rims along that style mainly, is their anything else i can do to my clio to give it more of a better look not so much a sleeper lol and mechanical wise i no the basics pod, excaust system, extractors what else. Thanks.

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hmm i would say 16 in with lowered springs is a good look on the 172, ill try to dig out a pic of my old one.


As for the sleeper look, its all part of th appeal to me and they dont get a lot of hassle from the fuzz etc.


As for the mates, tell them to grow one!!

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Mate, welcome. I hope you were racing on the track or at the drag strip. Please keep it off the streets.


As to the wheels, 17s look too big and lessen the handling. 16" pro race 1.2s or Speedlines Turinis are the go. You could also look at the enkeis that Chris-172 had that he got from tirerack in the US as they're a similar style.


Other style tips would be a Skoda front splitter, Cup rear spoiler, silvervision indicator bulbs and LED parker lights.

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Yeap Walkies has hit the 3 best 16 in rims for the clio in my opinion. OZ Racing Superleggera and UltraLeggera are also great.

So Speedline 2020 "Turini"

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 (these are also light)

Enkeis SC03 (my old rims)


heres some pics courtesy of Wallkies 86







and last but not least - One of my old faves during the petrol stop to the Nasho!



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IMHO, no matter what you do to the Clio it'll never look properly tough without going really really crazy.


Lowering springs, 16's and a front splitter do go a long way though :)

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Enkei Sc03

http://www.tirerack.com/wheels/WheelClo ... lver+Paint


Also - Work of warning. Clio 172 run a 48 offset and you need to be careful that aftermarket wheels will clear the rear brake caliper. All of those listed in here have been run but forum members so will work on the clio.


Turini - used to be on the Ktec website but i just checked and they arent any more.. unsure where to get from cheaply. You can get them locally from Vic but are about $400 AUD a rim.


Team Dynamics- Contact the forum member wolf on here - He can organsie a price for these and is great on price and to deal with.

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kk thanks will rememeber that when purchasing, are clio wheels 4 stud, dont no because i reallt cant be bothered taking of the hub cap that protects the bolts.


If you look at the photos Chris posted, you can clearly see how many studs the Clio has.

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Welcome aboard and still love the 172. Such a good little package.

Leave stock, or mod away....both fine directions IMHO.

Just make sure you service your ride WELL. For servicing, go by years as well as kms. Believe me, many have been stung before.

As for rims, tyres and other mods...by all means, send me an email and i'll help out as much as possible.

Speedline, OZracing, Team dynamics, and many more are all accessable.

All the best,



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Some of Kellyville's notable residents include -


* Greg Page - founding member of "The Wiggles"

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