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Hello From Sydney!


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Hi all!


Just bought my first car, dunno exactly how i describe it but its a white Clio Privilege X65 Phase 2?


Nice to see such a large community and if you have any pointers don't be afraid to fire them at me..


Just wondering if anyone knows websites or places in sydney that can source Clio parts, Kits etc.


Looking at the Carbon Fibre Wrap, and it looks amazing, considering getting my mirriors, Trims and Door handles done.


Anyways Nice to meet y'all ..

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Welcome! There aren't too many non-sports on here but hope you find something of use! Is yours a manual? Any other plans for the beast? What parts and kits are you looking for exactly?

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Hope it's a 1.6 3dr :D

Not too many of them about, and they do go quite well indeed.


Did not know that...may have to look for one as a backup to plans A,B,C...and Z.


Anyways, welcome aboard, and happy to help out sourcing parts for you Clio.

Send me a direct email to the address below when you're ready.

Cheers Mochi,


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