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Clio 182 Cup Radelade


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Hi Mark,

2nd the above...pics arealways welcome.

Quite a lot on offer on this site for info on tuning and modding, so have a look around.

As for servicing and parts, feel free to drop me an email for any genuine part needs, as well some ECM tuning i will be starting soon.

I'm sure someone will advise on where to get the servicing work done...so stay tuned.



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Mostly just a retune and filter and a zorst down the track. Have pretty much done my dash with heavily modded cars in the past. I had a FD RX7 before this and a heavily modded WRX before that that was punching out 230kw at all four. But for an NA engine the 182 does alright and it corners way better than my previous two cars.


From what I have read they cost a fortune to tune for not a lot of gain so I will be fairly contorlled with mods on this one. Plus my misses will most likley eat my balls with a rusty spoon if I start to spend money modding cars again!


One thing I want to do straight away is get some xenon globes for the fog lights and parkers and silvervison globes for the blinkers. For a clean look on the headlights. (sh*t its started again!)


I will get some pics next time I wash it its really dirty atm from driving in the rain.

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- tune = RSTuner

- filter = K&N/Green cotton panel filter in stock box & top air feed removed for noise OR ph1/v6 airbox )R ITG Maxogen ($$$)

- lights = LED parkers from eBay, silvervision indicators from anywhere & xenon-look foggies from brightlightautoparts


Done 8)

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Already looking in to RS tuner.

I have always used K&N firlers they are awesome. From what I have been reading the stock airbox works pretty good so I will leave that with a new panel.

I will check out brightlight have not used them before cheers.

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