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Hi All


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Hi guys ive been lurking around the forum for around a month, im trying to sell off my current car and get into a hot hatch which will be new to me ive only had Rotarys,Turbo 6's and V8's since ive had my license so hopefully a small car with a biggish 4 cylinder will do me as a run around as i save up for a house.

Ive looked around at some new Renaults but are abit out of my price range so probably just get a 172 or 182.


If anyone knows anyone thats interested in some rare aussie muscles send them my way

http://www.carsales.com.au/used-cars/pr ... &D=9749389


I hope to be cruising around in some French muscle lol, i dont know about this one, but they definatley have the best looking hatches around big brakes and recaro seats as per the 200's which ive sat in are very nice.

I carn't wait to get out of a big bruiser and into something abit more refined for day to day driving.


Regards Rory

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Ohwell if it can run on less then $30 a week on premium :D like my current car ill be impressed :rofl: .

I dont do many km's per week but it is my daily, its pointless driving a big car around for just 1 person 95% of the time and i think its time to update abit if only those recaro seats where fitted to the early 172/182 models id be set.

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