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new owner of rsm 225


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hi all. i took delivery of my 06 megane 3 door on sat, and have loved every minute i have been in it. just going through the trials and tribulations of getting transfered into nsw rego. does any one have a quick fix on a slight vibration on the accelerator pedal? hope to be around here a bit.


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Can you define the problem a little more? I have a problem where thiere is a vibration at idle that fluctuates. Looks like mine will be the engine mount as i seem to be getting a bit of rocking under accleration and also gearshifts have become a little more clunky.


Oh, welcome to the forum! :D

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Welcome, and congrats on the purchase!


Yeah, I noticed a vibration through the pedals this morning too in Jen's 225. Engine mounts are crappola.

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Welcome Benwah.


Sounds like the aluminium pedal fascia is loose. Shouldn't be too much of an issue to fix.

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Hello there.

Tried to join this forum a year or so ago but had issues. For some reason it likes me now. I have two Meganes, a Mk 2 'vert and my lovely 2005 RS225. Looking forward to reading about the pointy end of the Renno range :)



Feel free to start a new topic in this section. You'll get more notice that way.

Start with some pics, cause we're always asking for those.



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