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I got a new PC at work and when I tried to get on to this site obviously I had to login.

I thought I used the correct password, but it wasn't. Then I went through the reactivation

of password process which I believe reactivates the old password, but doesn't tell you what it is.

I was just trying to reset my password, but it asks you for your old password which I don't know

or was it that barely readable scribble that you have to type in at the end of the process you know

like when you're getting an online quote for something and you have to type in that randomly

generated sequence of letters or numbers. I could not work out the last letter and even asked someone

else and they were stumped.


Anyway, I still have no idea what the new password is.

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EJ, I'll reset it for you if you like. Assuming you are accessing this from home, so please PM me and I can either do something generic for you to change later, or if you feel OK with telling me what you want I can just do that for you.

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