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should i buy a 172?

namakemono dori

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i have a 91 180sx with coilovers, sway bar, and strut bars + bigger brakes etc. it is amazing fun, but it is a bit too serious for the street.

so. should i buy a 172?

i have driven one and liked its "nippiness" but never got serious in it.

will i be disappointed? or will it be a more practical toy that will cruise when i want it to and amazing me when i am in the mood?

I am a little worried by the stories of failure of the a/c, struts etc. but think that 10 years would be an upgrade.

tell me what you think.


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Welcome Mr dori.


Can I ask you to be a bit more specific re: will you be disappointed in what respect? Generally, hot hatches are all-rounders. They're fast, practical, economical, comfortable, easy to park, easy to drive and don't draw the attention of the filth.


Renaultsports are at the "hardcore" end of the range, with Golf GTIs being somewhere in the middle.


I suggest taking a 172 for a serious drive to test its capabilities, I doubt you will be disappointed 8)


Also, PM buddy who just made the switch from a drift-spec sil80 to a Clio 197 (and is loving it).


PS. where are you located? You might be able to meet up with a forum member to check out their car :wink:

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Not likely to get a OZRS forum member telling you "no, don't do it"

...and for good reason. But as above, take one for a drive, or take it in trust that we love them for all the things you asked about and more.

Hope to see you around, and if you look after them, 9 times out of 10 it will treat you well too.

Maintainence is key, understanding that no cars are 100% bullet proof, fix what needs to be fixed, and smile ALL the other times.



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mostly i am a bit worried that it won't have the get up and go (read torque) of my 180.

I have driven other cars with performance twin cam systems (civic-vtec, Mx-5 etc). and have been frustrated by the lack of power both lower down the rev range and between gears.


additionally i think that understeer is pretty much akin to chlamydia (funny when it happens to someone else but not something you want), as such i have spent the last couple of years killing it in my 180, so i am a bit apprehensive about buying a front wheel drive.


i like the idea of all the standard features and the short, fun wheel-base. just worried that i will waste my time looking at them.



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Unfortunately being a rev-happy 4 banger, it doesn't really have much get up and go down low. Definitely between than other N/A 4 cyl though.


As for understeer, I've yet to get any :lol: These things handle like they're on rails.

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It comes to to personal preference, but no matter what car you come from, pretty much everyone is impressed with these little things... if drive and handling are an isuue for you, then you wont have an issue.

Get in, drive, then report back.

My money's on a great big smile.



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