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Hey guys, new member from WA


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Hey guys,


I'm a new member from Perth and currently drive an alfa spider but I'm looking at making the switch to a newer more driver focused car :D


At the moment Im hunting for a Renault sport 225, does anyone know of any for sale? There were a few for sale on the net a few months ago, but now I've made my mind up on switching they've all dicapeared :/


I'm also looking and an alfa gtv v6 (I work for an alfa specialist) or wrx (maybe, I'm quite young and haven't got a quote for shannons. And I not a an of the hoon image)


My budget is around $15k. So. If anyone has any reconmendatious I'd be glad to hear.


Regards, Callum

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Hmm, hadn't considered one the Cup specs look cool :)


Do they feel underpowered to drive? Are they any good on a track or for enthusiastic driving?


There's a few 225s with under 100k kms for around $16k, so generally will these ones be no good?

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i am a new member from WA also, i drive a 182 cup, i have had it for 4 years now. Great fun to drive. I am currently starting a few mods to mine. If you can get yourself a decent 182, well worthwhile.

As previously mentioned, the 225's at that price most likely will come with baggage. Plus, the guy i bought my 182 off thinks that the 182 was more fun than his 225.

Hope this helps

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Does it feel underpowered?


I'm cautious, my 2 ltr alfa spider it great to drive but tomboy gets power above 3000rpm and it irritates me :)


The v6 gtv however is a monster tho, with enough powernto take off from standstill in 3rd.

how much would a gtv be?

the clio depends really, get your ecu remapped and definitely not.

i don't feel it is underpowered, from stand still if i flat foot it, my only issue is torque steer.

Go test drive one.

I still have a smile on my face when i am driving it how it really wants to be driven!!!

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Whether or not a car feels underpowered is probably quite a personal thing so I'd suggest test driving a 182. It's a brilliant car and I wish I had never sold mine. Many owners here have had a lot of success on the track in the 182. It's physically smaller than the Megane though, not sure if the size of the car is a consideration for you.


Good luck with your choice.

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The gtv is $18990


But because I work on them and come from an alfisti family he is willing to sell for 16k


I'll need to drive one, but I doubt a 182 would be able to match it performance wise


As I said before, anyone know any that are for sale ATM? I'm hard pressed to find anything with a renaultsport badge

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Heheheh now you mention it, the thing that made me think of a Renault to replace the alfa was on my way home from work. every day I go threw 3 slow corners within 1 km of each other, I generally go threw the renconmended 20km/h corners at 60 and even guys in STIs and GTRs back off. But one day someone in a new Cleo sport gordnini was behind me, and the guy driving the Cleo was matching me with ease...it's the only car that's ever kept up...


Saying that I've taken the alfa out on two MC motorsport days and it's fantastic, a real blast

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dude i have taken roundabouts at 80, as long as you can drive, the car is so so so so so so much fun.


no idea about cruises, im brand new here. Seen a few around here, but i'm just doing mine up now.

I'm in marangaroo at the moment.


honestly though, the 182 is an amazing car, ill have pics of mine up in the next few weeks, once i put my coilovers on and drop it about 40mm or so. maybe a bit more hahaha. Then i'm spraying my rims black. She's gonna look great.


We should sort out a cruise, i'm sure theres plenty of RSC and RSM drivers in perth, and even so, get some of the other euro cars in!!

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yeah me too haven't been on a cruise in ages.


i should be pretty right with my rims thanks mate, i'm a spraypainter! :) haha


yeah man it's a pretty wicked forum, i am usually not a fan of any forums but being a RS owner how could i resist !!!


I'm heading out for a drive in my baby now !! off to breaky with the mrs, time to go show off :P

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Heheh you should be capable then :)


What collies your Clio? Are you going gloss black or more a graphite colour?


http://www.carsales.com.au/all-cars/pri ... 96C89D4F92


What do you guys think of this one?


If it comes with baggage like a clutch or needing belts I don't mind, I can doit myself and it will give me a chance to learn about the car :)

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Great little car, the GTV.


A good mate had the 2.0 Twin Spark, which I had a couple of entertaining drives in. A Clio 182 would absolutely spank it in the handling department though, and the TS was meant to corner better than the nose-heavy GTV6. But that Alfa six is such a magic engine.


There are a few guys on here who've moved from 147GTA's to Renaultsports, so they'd be the guys to talk to.


The Clio feels decently quick through second and halfway through third and then drops off a bit. As others have said, it's a pretty subjective thing, 'quickness'. I reckon you'd be surprised, they're a light car.


I do like Alfas a lot though, and will own one again I hope.

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HI all, re Perth cruise. What say we have a long overdue catch up on the day of the Classic Car Day in march. Date is the 21st March, we could meet for brekkie, have a bit of a drive through the twisty stuff in the hills and then head to Whiteman Park. I'll start a new thread in Social Events.

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