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ECU/Electrical Problem


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Wow am i getting sick of renault.


seems to have a ECU problem now and wont start. What seems to be many random error codes while telling me to turn the wheel then press start.


The car wont kick over it just a clicking sound with all displays flicking on and off. Also central locking and power windows now dont work.


is there any way of reseting the ECU? I have disconnected the battery and reconnected and this did not seem to help. It literally was working one min and the next not...


If it wont start and i cant get it to renault would they come to me??? would be $$$ though :(

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Battery is pretty new. Should be fine. Its been a bit of a saga. I recently pulled all the interior out as the dehumidifier from the aircon was leaking into the cabin. Got the valve unblocked and then left the car to dry out while i was on holiday. Got back today and reinstalled everything. Before putting everything in i started the car just to tick it over. (at this stage everything working fine). After putting seats etc back in i got a few random error messages and now the main one relates to steering lock and steering error. Its asking me to turn wheel and press start. Also power windows and central locking do not seem to be working now. At first while all the random error messages were being displayed it wouldnt kick over and just made a clicking noise.

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steering lock error is commonly related to the plugs under the front seats not being connected properly, or air bag clock spring problems.


power windows are not working at all or just not moving up and down completely? if not moving completely you need to reset them by holding the button up for 5seconds.

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Yeah that makes sense as it looks as though the previous owner bypassed one of those connectors for two wires and directly soldered them. I had to cut them to get the seat out. After reconnecting tonight the car now seems dead completely with nothing happenening at all when key is in or when pushing the start button. checked all fuses near glove box. The only other fuses appear to be in the engine bay on the right side (looking from the front) but i would have to pull a bit of stuff out to get at them so decided to call it a night.

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