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Im a new owner of a 2005 225 megane cup done 42###km bought 2 months ago

i had taken a new megane for a drive from the local dealer in townsville and just

had to have one,a week later i did, very happy with the car atm and am very

keen on modding and possible track running it on the weekends for a bit of fun.


To start the modds i have just purchased, a self tunning module and KTR pannel

filter from K TEC should be here next week very keen to see if it makes decent



Very keen to do some more modds down the track when i get some more coin lol.



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Welcome! I'll think you'll find the colour is Techno Grey :wink:


Looking forward to pics 8)

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Grab the "Direct Link" when you upload the image and then put & around it 8)



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Welcome aboard,

Like the colour indeed. Give us a heads up if you pass by Brissie on your way to adelaide. Have a cruise around here first if you're keen.

In many ways, it would be cool having the only RS in a city. Unique as!



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