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How do I keep tab of new and old threads?


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One forum I was on the members were very angry when you posted something that was already covered.


So since I'm self employed and have the time, I read through all the threads I find.


How do I tell that a thread is old?


*EDIT: thought this might help other newbies, so I've popped this tangent thread in here :wink:

Cheers, Dish.

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You'll find that all recent threads are on the first page of each section - basically in reverse chronological order with newest posts towards the top, but below any "sticky" posts or announcements.


The further you go, the older they get. Each thread & each post will have a date listed alongside it. I think members have the ability to choose whether they want the newest posts in those threads to appear at the end or at the beginning, so in reverse order (like emails).


I too get annoyed when a new thread appears that has already been covered (sometimes repeatedly, like 'flat battery' and 'insurance' threads...), but there's no point being a net Nazi about it so I rarely pipe up. I generally merge threads when I have the opportunity, and you'll find others here will even post up a link to the other thread(s) which helps us Admins out :wink:


Cheers, Dish.

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