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New RSC 182 owner!!!


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G'day Guys,


Just picked up my Titanium Silver 182 on Saturday.


Got it for $13800, which I didnt think was too bad for one in Vic, (every other one was over $15000). One thing I wasnt to keen on was the aftermarket rims, but then again, I didnt buy the car for how it looks..


Anway, took it for a blast around the Yarra Blvd in Fairfield today, and OH MY GOD, I had read all the reviews and everything the members had said about the car, and it lived up to all expectations and maybe exceeded them too!!!!


The way it was so eager to keep going and going, and with my mate by my side not believing what this car could actually do!! all while going "woooooooooaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh" each time i hit the accelerator to speed up off the next bend... He could not belive the power the car had.


Once I get my head around how to drive this thing properly (not quite sure how hard I can go round the bends yet), I am sure I will have alot more fun than just the straight line thrills it delivers!!


Anyway, very glad to finally be a member of what looks like a great community!!





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Welcome! You certainly bagged yourself a bargain!! Happy motoring 8)


PS: we are having a drive day on the 25th if you are feeling up to steering it around some nice corners...

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