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Soon to be RSC 172 or 182 owner (hopefully)


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Hey guys


I'm hoping to buy one of these beautiful cars very soon.

I'm on my green P's at the moment & have only driven a manual car a couple of times.

I'm actually a bit embarrassed about the fact that I won't be able to even test drive the car before buying (most likely would get my dad too).

What do you guys think about learning on a Clio? I understand they have a bit of a tricky clutch?



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I believe the 172 clutch could be tricky, the 182's isn't.


I haven't heard this before and didn't really notice much when test driving 172's and eventually bought my 182. I notice the 182 clutch releases up high and is also a bit stiff compared to other cars, but I thought all Clios were like that.


Is there a difference?

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