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HI - Newbie on Board


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Hi guys and gals,


I have to admit that I already own a Renault, albeit a Laguna II, which is my daily driver, but not the reason I joined.


My most recent toy was a lovely burgundy Peugeot 307 convertible. I bought her at the beginning of the summer, spent $2,500 on fixing a few broken bits, and together with a bit of elbow grease she came up a treat. Anyway, I've had my fun with Odette as I called her (to my kid's disgust!) and when I put her up for sale, she was snapped up virtually straight away. This means I have been looking for another weekend car.


I've looked long and hard at what's out there but kept coming back to the French cars. Cutting a long story short, I'm seriously considering a Megane Sport, probably 2005 or 2006 model. I notice some other members on this forum are after the same thing, so we're competing a bit, but I can wait.


I've read that there are issues with the timing belts snapping well before their due replacement at 60k (I assume from comments made). How common is this and what does it cost to have it replaced?




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Welcome! You'll find everything you need to know here 8)


But timing belts snapping? That would be very rare and unlucky. The replacement time is based on time AND kms - so even if the car has only done 10 000kms, if it's 4 years old, it needs to be changed.


Can I ask your reasons for choosing the Meggy? For a weekend car a Clio may be a better bet - it is generally regarded as more "fun" overall - smaller, nimbly, more chuckable and the sleeper factor. The Meggy is also great but a lot more grown up. If you were going to go for a Meggy, and seeing as it's a weekend car, I'd definitely go for a Cup, for the superior handling. Maybe just have a think of your priorities before you decide :wink:


Other than that, the search function is your friend for any 'standard' questions, but you'll find plenty of people happy to help answer questions etc.


Good luck with your decision!

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Not a common thing, but wise to prevent. As Alex pointed out, the change is due on the earlier of time or kilometres.


Good luck with the hunt, which corner of Oz do you call home? (Helps those of us who spend too much time here point out good'uns :wink: )

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Hi PP2,

Welcome aboard and yep, agree with the above.

- Clios a soooo much fun. Get a cup version if you can. Think modern day version of the PUG 205Gti.

- Meganes are still very good, but a Cup is almost a must for that weekend fun you may be after.

- Your kids would love either.

- Timing belt, as above. Timing belt kit prices: Meg $215 / Clio $270

- Timing belts need be changed to prevent them snapping, if you wait until they do, you may want a new engine. This isn't to scare you off, as prevention is the 99.9% cure.

- as above, where are you calling home?

Cheers, and to hear your good news in the future.


ps: Cup :wink:

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Hi guys,


Thanks for the tips about the Clio, definitely worth considering also. I'll have to drive them both to see how they compare and on a positive note, there are more Clios for sale than Megs.


I'm in Sydney, and on the lookout for any social (or otherwise) events coming up in order to meet up and hear more about your cars.


Also thanks for the feedback on the timing belt question. Now that I've got access to the forums I managed to have a good look around and from what I can surmise, it is a well known issue and as long as you replace it (and the tensioner) at least every 50k or 4 years, you should be fine. I did read the post about some poor guy seemingly being fleeced by his mechanic (one thing I do detest) and commend everyone on the forum for helping out. One darn good reason to join.


Not knowing too much about the Sport and Cup models, how do you tell the difference? Is there a clue in the VIN or is it a matter fo looking at the brakes? I ask because"stiffer suspension" is not really something one can see from the outside, and brakes can be uprated. I have googled this but only generic info found.



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