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Good mechanic???


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I have recently bought a Clio 172 and I'm in love, it's time for it 110k service and I need to know a good mechanic I can trust and that is not going to rip me of because the car is French. There is a nasty vibration at high revolutions that I think may be an snapped mount engine mount or rattling exhaust manifold and the car needs to be looked over by someone who knows what they are looking at. I am in Melbourne and don't mind traveling if the mechanic is good. Can anyone help?





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Welcome Ryan. Run a search as this has been covered a ton of times but off the top of my head Virage, Alpine Affair and Auto Paris seem to the go in Melbourne.




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Welcome to the community.


I use Alpine Affaire (Ringwood), but depending on your location, Virage (Sth Melb) or AutoParis (Box Hill) may be more convenient.


A buzz at high RPM sounds like something loose. Exhaust would be the first place I'd go looking :wink:

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