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Water Boy

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Hi gang,


Looks like a great forum here! I met Jenny and Dish over the weekend braappping Reefton and Black Spurs.

Im 19 and drive a '97 CL Golf. Been competing in motorsport since the age of 8 starting out in karts then doing hillclimbs, auto crosses etc. Have been doing track days at Phillip Island, Winton and Sandown over the last 2 years with my Dad who races in Improved Production.






Dad's Mk1




Some VW gangsters (Dish and Jenny will laugh)




Cheers James

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Hey there James! :D

Glad you found your way "over the border" (courtesy of my shameless plug LOL)


Met a guy today who knew exactly what my car was (believe me when I say it rarely happens outside of other Renaultsport owners). He said he used to work for a French engineering company and described French cars as being like German engineered cars manufactured by Italians - hahaha so true!


Keep an eye on the Social pages - looks like Jen's already organising another run for next month which you're most welcome to come along to.


Cheers, Dish.


PS - Brendan, you picked him out correctly :D

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