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New(ish) to Forum.


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Hi Greg, great to see you on here (and not hiding in the background!) :D


I can tell you MNR have lost a lot of customers since you left. The new guy didn't seem to have a clue of an RSC service vs a normal Clio when I last rang, so I won't be going back again.


How's the new job going? From what I heard (I'm guessing) you're working at an Aussie made car dealer a bit north of suburban Adelaide?


Oh yeah, a big thanks for all your help while you worked at MNR. It makes a huge difference when a true car enthusiast is doing that job.

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Greg..why haven't you got an RSC yet? :wink:


Great to hear from you. I was going to ring you a few times..but hey..I'm an aussie male and get distracted :)


Hope the new job is good. I keep in contact with Barry and work with Nic (new fella) and always come away happy. Still it's not the same..


Must catch up one day?

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Hi David, Jamie. Yeah I've heard a few things, I still keep in contact with Barry and some of the boys there. I get alot of feedback from both the dealerships as I know a few guys at each site, doesn't sound the best, but Jamie I knew you'd persist with the new guy, I walked through to go to parts a while ago and my first impression of Nic was indifference.


David, the new jobs great, I think the customers have a very different thought process, but I'm not bagging the Northern suburbs as I grew up here, but maybe that the type of people who go for these cars have different ideals. I think I'll end it there before I have to start a new thread.


Jamie, I'm still looking for an RSC (obviously not too hard), it'd be great to catch up with everyone, I stopped in at Cuddlee for a coffee last week end after stretching the goona's legs.

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Yeah,I tried to persist .... but being told my sparkplugs and coolant needed changing at 16000km/ 3yrs was very frustrating. Even 3 phone calls made no progress and the quoted price was ridiculous!


I know what you mean about the northern suburbs, sideways Commodores rule! :)

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No, lucky I didn't go with the extended warranty (both from the servicing and modding perspective.) I'm now doing the simple stuff myself and will pay someone else (not MNR if I can help it!) to do the belts etc.


I was just glad I had the aux belt done early when you were there. However early next year will be the cam belt.... :(

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