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Hey guys,

Obviously new to this site, bit of my Renault background..

Grown up with them thanks to a father fanatic.

Between us had the following;

Renault 12, Renault 18 (wagon and sedan), Renault 20, Fuego, Renault 750 (stock) and the beast 750 custom roof chopped 6 inches, all guards bumped out 3 inches with a hot 1800cc port polished, webbers etc etc, konis and discs breaks all round, this thing was hot and nuts considering it only weighed around 550-600kgs. Had potential for some very quick 1/4 mile times but never found the time to finish the project so sadly had to sell it on for someone else to complete...

More recently had a Renault Clio sport, but sold that to head overseas, im back and now looking for a 225 2006 model. So I dont have one yet but i like to research a car before i buy and i want to see what sort of potential these things have power wise and modification wise, havent been able to find too much info on this yet.

So look forward to having a flick through the threads and finding out some valuable info, and when purchased advice.

Thanks guys.

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Welcome to the forum Tom.


Where abouts you located? Might help as you could talk to the local owners about what they have done and see the cars in the flesh.



Tbh, support wise there is really next to nothing for the megane sport in Australia. Thats not to say that it will be impossible to find mods for it, but you will in 99.99% of the time be looking to Europe for parts, tunes etc.


Any questions just ask away and we'll all try our best to assist you where ever we can.






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Welcome! You'll find all the info you need right here 8)


Enjoy the forum & the Meggy, when you get it :mrgreen:

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