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Signatures with embedded images


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With many of us now accessing the web via mobile devices, forum members' signatures which contain embedded pics/animated gifs continue to inhibit the speed a page loads... the pics may have seemed 'cool' or 'funny' at some point in time, but are they necessary?

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Hmmm... i'm going to have to agree, as a now frequent visitor via phone-net.

Admin team can decide etc, just putting in my 5cents. (inflation)



ps: some are pretty cool though, but practicality 1st i guess.

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1. I agree with large animated sigs. I'd rather see them gone, but:

2. All my browsers have the option to disable images*. Especially when you're paying for every kb, why not turn them off?


* Of course if you're stuck with an iphone you can't use Opera, so you might not have this option, I dunno.

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maybe have an option in the control panel to allow them to be turned off?


Already there.


Display Images (yes/no)

Display Flash

Display Smilies

Display Signatures

Display Avatars


If you're on a narrowband or expensive connection, try disabling images and signatures. :wink:

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