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Postage from the UK & US to Australia


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Lots of us here are buying RS and other bits out of the UK these days due to mostly cost and availability.


One of the biggest issues that seems to come up is the "postage ripoff" perception/reality.


I used this site (Royal Mail) recently to make sure that I was charged a fair rate (postage & handling), so I thought I should post it up here for all to use.


Basically you need to throw in your destination country, parcel weight and you can then choose a level of insurance cover in Sterling. These three factors affect the overall postage cost. Anything above this is either a handling fee or a jab, depending on how much over the postage amount is being quoted/charged.


Hope this helps!


http://sg.royalmail.com/portal/rm/Price ... ricingcalc


ps. I'm sure that there would be an equivalent from the US if someone wants to find it and post it up :)

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