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New member here to say high


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Hey guys


Little info about me i use to be a renault tech intill i change to a different manufacture to learn more about the automotive world. ive got a good knowledge base on renault sports and just standard renaults...


I love fiddling with cars and i love TURBOS lol.


Some time in the future i wouldn't mind buying a clio sport and fiddling around with the engine and see what i could get out of the F4R engine.


main reason i signed up is to have a good chat and help some people who are having issues with the renault.


Thx Jason

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lol thats np hope i can be of some good help.


and everyone plz dont drill me about prices of parts or part avaliablity. cause all i got to say is it a imported car so all parts have to be imported which come on a large container ship and last time i herd it was like 2-3 week turn around from day of ordering if the part/s is not in the main warehouse im melb. It's like if we sent our falcon's or commodore to europe they would have to wait 2-3 weeks for us to get the parts shipped to europe.


sadly enough it must be cheaper for them to send the parts that way. which happens to burn nearly all there customers from my past experence.

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Welcome!! Get yourself a Clio & join the fun 8)

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Hi Garrett,

I have a fitment question. I know the Megane R26-R doesn't come here, but any chance you know or heard if the upgraded parts would fit a R26 here?

Trying to find out if the slotted brakes will fit.

Thanks either way...and welcome.



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