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Hey everyone


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Hey people,

My first post :shock:

I'm only 16...close to 17, but have been focused on the clio sport for the last 6 months ever since my dad mentioned it to me.

I've gotta say Im a little confused. I've been checking the prices constantly on drive, carpoint, and carsales.

Is the x65 phase 2 sport a 172?? Looking at drive.com the 172 cup has 131 kw and the normal sport has 124 kw which comes to only 166 hp.

Any clarification would be much appreciated.

Hope to be cruising with you guys out their soon 8)

thanks :D

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The X65 Phase 2 Sport is indeed a 172. And you're right, 124kW is indeed 166hp. The 172 Renault figure is attained by dyno testing the engine without any of its major accessories (air conditioning, for example) fitted to it, and then to boot its not tested in true mechanical horsepower (1kW = 1.34hp), rather the funky German measurement called PS (Pfederstarke) which no one uses except Germany, France and Japan. So its got 172ps (127kW, 1kW = 1.359ps) without major accessories fitted... and loses those 3kW with them, making it 124.


The Clio 182 and Clio 182 Cup are X65 Phase 3 Sport 182. Renault Australia never gave the 172 its proper name here, rather refered to them as X65 Sport (Phase 1) and X65 Phase II Sport. So technically, according to what the authorities think, a 172 here if its a PhII is a "Renault Clio X65 Phase II Sport," whilst a 182 is a "Renault Clio X65 Phase III Sport 182."


Hope this helps... and good luck with getting an RSC!

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